With Music as Inspiration

Raymond Weil is one of the last few standing independently-owned Swiss luxury watchmaker. It is known for staying true to its Swiss heritage – exhibiting ingenuity, precision and elegance. One of the few unique brands in the world, Raymond Weil owes much of its uniqueness to its major inspiration – music. Like beautiful music, Raymond Weil pieces are authentic evoke emotions, and show sophistication. The love for music has been handed down from generation to generation within the family just like the expertise of watchmaking. The brand has been actively involved in the music industry across all genres. The company continuously takes pleasure of partnering up with major music venues, talent shows, other platforms and charities intending to give music a more prominent importance in the world. 
Just like notes in lovely and complex musical compositions, the beauty, aesthetic proportions, precision and durability of Raymond Weil pieces are pre-meditated. From conception to the final stages of assembly, Raymond Weil’s attention to quality is unbroken. To browse through Raymond Weil collections first hand, visit Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 


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