When to Wear Pearl?

When do you wear pearl? The simple answer is anytime you want to exude elegance and simplicity. At the office, during a corporate event, in a cocktail party, a dinner date, during a casual weekend get together… pearls are surprisingly flexible as luxury jewelry. It pays to invest in a quality pearl like Mikimoto to ensure the pearls maintain their luster and allure even if you wear them every day. Here are some guidelines when wearing pearl. Generally, the older you are the better large pearls come across. Pendant pearls are less conservative compared with a necklace full of pearls. A long strand of pearl works better on a dress with a high neckline or when you’re wearing a blazer; conversely, a short pearl necklace is best on a plunging neckline that highlights the neck and shoulders. Likewise, white pearls work with any color, while multicolor pearls like Mikimoto’s are best with neutral colored dresses. Remember, pearls are meant to last when they’re quality made like a Mikimoto.
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