Trendsetting Tradition

Diamonds will always be in style. Their elegance and class cut through generations and social lifestyles. They may appear traditional and conservative, not given to trends, but occasionally, diamonds catch a one or two. The Hearts of Fire halo engagement ring, for instance, brings today’s halo trend in diamond rings to a higher level. A solitary diamond is studded with minute diamonds around it, creating a halo style. Not only does the solitary diamond appear larger, but a brighter scintillation is created as light is reflected and refracted in and out of those tiny diamonds and the stone at the center. It is surely a boastful ring, showcasing a flashier style and more luxurious air than most classic rings. Yet the Hearts of Fire halo ring still maintains a traditional cut that honors the diamonds’ timeless style of pure elegance.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.


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