Tis the season of cinta

Meaning “love” in Indonesian, the word “Cinta” (pronounced sihntah) is a very romantic term, particularly for the Balinese people who are famous for their penchant for drama, dance, and visual arts especially sculpture. In 2002, John Hardy requested his brand’s head designer, Guy Bedarida, to create an exclusive piece that the company founder would give for his beloved wife. Then John Hardy’s requests continued that eventually it became a tradition, with Mr. Bedarida creating rare pieces for the founder’s wife until others started to make their own special requests. Thus became the birth of the Cinta Collection — John Hardy’s rarest among all his haute jewelries. Every Cinta jewelry is completely unique, with each piece fashioned around a rare stone or uncommon shell that Berida came across with in his travels around the world. The head designer usually drafts special designs that perfectly suits the new owner.
Come express your love through the exotic Indonesian way with John Hardy’s Cinta pieces, available at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.


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