Timepiece Checklist

Let’s talk about watches. What are the features to check to make sure you’re getting the best value? You have to go beyond the precious stones embedded in the casing. Or the gold strap. And let’s go beyond the usual, such as being water-resistant and shock-proof. Most timepieces have these features. Let’s look if it has an antimagnetic feature so the watch keeps ticking precisely. Even so, does it have a crown protection system to ensure this tiny piece of engineering feat does its job: to tick without disruption. Find out, too, if the watch can withstand cold temperature. Does it have a diamond-like carbon movement? Does it use gas light? If you answer yes to all of these, you’re likely looking at a Ball Watch. It’s got timepiece technology that makes it elegant as it is strong under extreme condition. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.


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