The Trainmaster Collection

Ball Watch has a long tradition with trains and railroads. The company has helped in creating watchmaking standards in an industry that helped shaped the world today. Connect with this rich heritage with Ball Watch's Trainmaster collection. This collection is inspired with the company's deep connection with the industry. Trainmaster pieces are made with the greatest care and respect for the values of precision and reliability. The company adheres to 'accuracy under adverse conditions' as its main philosophy. But you and I know that this is not just what the company offers. It also offers style and elegance over all the functional attributes of its timepieces and pieces from the Trainmaster collection are not different. The Trainmaster Collection has many models, whose designs range form industrial, classic, instrumental, sophisticated and modern. Also as a tradition and tribute to the Ball legacy, these models feature a sapphire crystal case back. 
Check out the Trainmaster Collection. Visit Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia 


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