The Most perfect engagement ring

When it comes to engagement rings the classic round solitaire diamond ring set in gold or platinum is a favorite. But later trends would challenge that, with popular cuts like emerald, pearl shape and oval literally chipping away the most admired cut title from the round diamond. But there’s an even more interesting challenger to the round cut and it’s not even a diamond: the pearl ring. Why not? Pearls are a prized symbol of love and purity in the ancient world. In Hebrew folklore, it’s said to be Eve’s tear drop after being banished from paradise. For ancient Indians, pearls were regarded as dewdrops from heaven, while in ancient China, they were considered as coming from fiery dragons. In the hands of a Mikimoto jeweler, the pearl ring truly achieves the height of purity. Arguably, the Mikimoto Lace Ring can easily dethrone the diamond round cut, and all other diamond cuts for that matter, as the most perfect engagement ring.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.


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