The Man Behind the Name

Webster Ball was born in a farm in Knox County, Ohio but most of his life was dedicated and most remembered for his contribution in the watch making industry. His career in horology did not take a conventional turn either. His journey started with a two-year apprenticeship under a jeweler, after which he moved to Cleveland, Ohio to establish his own practice. He was the first jeweler to use time signals in his watches, revolutionizing the accuracy of timekeeping first in Cleveland, and later after an unfortunate event, in the whole country. When a grim collision in a railway was caused by slight time differences between the two trains, it was Webb Ball who was trusted to improve the system of keeping time. His Ball Watches were the first wrist watches allowed on the railway, and became one pillar in the improvement of accuracy in other domains all over the country.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized retailer for Ball Watch.


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