The Life of a Diamond

The life of a polished diamond is a long and rough ride. They are hacked from the earth, transported, graded, cut and polished, and later become part of a lovely jewelry collection. They have been passed from one expert set of hands to another, from the strong and daring hands of the miner, to the carefully precise cutters, and the seasoned setters, to finally the couple’s ring finger at their special engagement or wedding ceremony. So these stones deserve to be able to shine their best. At Hearts on Fire, every stone is cut using 100 times magnification which is almost 10 times the normal standards in the industry. They are handled by less than 400 elite gem experts who passed the Hearts on Fire qualification standards. Using state-of-the art technology, Hearts on Fire manufactures diamonds and diamond jewelry that are impeccably cut with precision and consistent quality.
Check out the world's most perfectly cut diamonds at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia – authorized retailer for Hearts on Fire.


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