The Illa Cluster Hearts On Fire Pendant

The Illa Cluster Pendant is an effortlessly beautiful piece comprising of a simple, yet classic, star design infused with exquisite Hearts On Fire diamonds. This timeless piece will flourish when paired with other necklaces and shine when worn alone. The Cluster Pendant is part of the Illa collection, inspired by Hearts On Fire designer Ilaria’s childhood. It is an eye-catchingly playful collection influenced by the stars at night. The Illa collection is versatile and brings life to casual day wear and formal evening dress alike.

Hearts On Fire diamonds are stones of exceptional radiance and beauty. The unique cutting process has a single focus, to bring out the natural exuberance and shining potential of each, individual diamond. Hearts On Fire diamonds are characterised by a perfect ring of eight hearts at the base and a delightful Fireburst on top. It is a patented cutting process that distinguishes Hearts on Fire from other diamonds, channelling light into the centre of the stone to maximise its sparkle. The cutting process is what gives diamonds their value and the Hearts on Fire cut is unlike any other; making Hearts on Fire a rarity amongst diamonds. Less than a tenth of the world’s diamonds can become Hearts on Fire but, rest assured, these exclusive stones are ethically sourced. 


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