The Fireman Classic Ladies Ball Watch

Some ladies watches are filled with so much extra decoration, like diamonds and other gems, it distracts from the watch itself. Other watches are subdued in their look, yet still magnificent timepieces that are crafted with extreme care and expertise that only comes from over a century of watchmaking. The Fireman Classic Ladies watch from Ball is exactly one of those watches.

The watch is encased in stainless steel, protecting it from bumps and drops, and the destructive effects of water. In fact, this watch is water resistant down to 330 feet. The cover of the watch is convex sapphire crystal. The band is stainless steel with a folding buckle, but it can also have a calf leather band with a standard buckle. But regardless of the band you choose, this watch will look elegant for every occasion, while easily withstanding the punishment that comes from everyday wear.

Ball Watch is a uniquely American brand. They got their start making watches for railroad workers back in 1890s after a faulty timepiece caused a tragic accident. Webb C. Ball was hired to investigate what happened with the railroad timekeeping equipment. Out of that investigation Ball developed strict standards for watches and keeping track of time. Ball Watch still abides by those same standards today, making Ball watches one of the most reliable brands in the United States.

All Ball Watch products have a classic watch look that is elegant but simple. And because these watches are produced with such high standards, they are built to last and always keep accurate time.


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