The Bold and elegant

Charles Krypell Sterling offers a wide selection of sterling silver rings set with colorful gemstones that create a bold statement. From amethyst to black sapphire, and blue topaz to pink sapphire, the Charles Krypell Sterling are at once elegant and daring. The ring features solid intricate patterns that are reminiscent of tattoo-inspired artwork. The sterling silver texture and hue add to the brash attitude of the rings, yet they maintain the regal allure as well. The unblemished precious and semi-precious stones signal to the wearer the luxury side of this Charles Krypell, while the sterling silver adds more glamor. The rings also feature yellow gold accents rimming the stone. You can wear the Charles Krypell Sterling Silver rings on formal evening event or even as accessory to your everyday corporate attire.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Charles Krypell Sterling.


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