The Beautiful John Hardy Bamboo Ring 18K Ring

The John Hardy Bamboo Ring 18K Gold is something with an elegance that goes beyond many other rings out there. This ring features a design that is intricate, modern, and sophisticated. The twisted gold material that covers the citrine on the front of the ring is truly unique. This ring is something that an individual can purchase for someone they love in order to show that person just how much they mean to them. This ring fits with a variety of styles and tastes and it is something that will be treasured by the individual who has it in their possession.

The John Hardy Bamboo Ring 18K Gold is just one of the many pieces that the brand has to offer. John Hardy first came about in Bali in 1975. Since then, the company has done great things when it comes to jewelry creation. The company is dedicated to creating pieces by hand and to making pieces that are special and have meaning. The pieces that come from the brand are each one-of-a-kind and worthy of being noticed. 


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