Technology drives this watch

Ball Watch is renowned for its accuracy and precise movement even under extreme conditions. Its technological innovations have elevated timepiece manufacturing to new heights, including the antimagnetic feature that played a key role in improving railroad safety in the United States. It also developed a cold temperature endurance engineering that uses special lubrication to allow polar explorers a working timepiece even under negative sixty Celsius degrees. Likewise, Ball Watch developed a self-powered gas light Swiss technology that produces its own luminescence to allow reading in the dark. It also created a crown protection system that seals the whole casing off from potential solid and liquid hazards. Today, the signature watch features a patented spring lock system that reduces spring shock by 66%, enabling a more accurate and precise timekeeping. All these old and new technologies are to be had when you buy any of the Ball Watch models.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.


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