Strength and precision under the hood

Ball watches are renowned for their strength and endurance under extreme pressure.  Let’s take a look at some of the luxury watch brand’s precision and strength features. Ball watches exhibit the self-powered micro gas light Swiss technology that uses tritium electrons against luminous phosphors to produce light. Ball’s gas light is 100 times brighter than luminous paint and it’s said to last for 25 years. Ball watches also feature the signature and patented crown protection system that protects the crown, the most vulnerable part of the case, from water and shock pressure. Likewise, Ball watches are designed to endure cold temperature for up to -40 degrees Celsius. This makes Ball watches an ideal companion during extreme expeditions. Then there’s the Ball’s patented SpringLock system, the world’s first revolutionary anti-shock system that reduces shock impact by 66%. This results in more precision and less disorientation. Ball watches enjoy more strength and precision features that make this timepiece one of the strongest and smart watches in the world.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia  is an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.


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