See More of the Precious Pastel Collection

Charles Krypell designs have continuously pushed boundaries. Each piece is intended to be enjoyed at every single angle and every dimension. Like a sculpture, Charles Krypell jewelries are creatively designed to portray movement and dynamic flow in perfect balance. This is where Charles’ background as a sculptor comes handy. With the philosophy that the sculptor is to the art collector as the jewelry designer is to the discerning buyer, Charles’ Krypell doesn’t seek to gratify customers; instead he endeavors to cultivate collectors. It is this attitude that enabled the brand to reach world recognition – it is not about just owning one piece, it’s all about enjoying the whole ensemble. His creative genius is evidenced by the Precious Pastel Collection. One of the many highlights in this collection is the reversible pendant. The piece boasts two looks simultaneously having colors forward and backward with peridot and diamonds on one side and encrusted diamonds on the other. 
To see more of the Precious Pastel Collection, visit us at Sylvan’s in Main Street, Columbia. 


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