Much ado about pearls

It is common knowledge that pearls are those elegant, rare, and valuable round globules that have adorned women across ages. But not many really know how they are produced. A pearl is a solid object formed inside the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. Similar to a clam’s shell, pearls are composed of calcium carbonate formed in tiny crystalline structure deposited in numerous compact layers. Gemologists say that the most ideal ones are pearls with flawless roundness and smoothness, which can only be developed naturally in wild, are immensely uncommon, and can only be found by traditional pearl divers deep under the sea. Lucky for us, though, pearl culture is continually enhancing its production technology that harvested pearls today are nearing the “ideal”…and there’s Mikimoto, the widely-acclaimed Japanese luxury pearl company. So if you’re looking for pearls that are nearest to what nature can offer, look for Mikimoto pearls and most likely, you won’t find the difference from what's an "ideal" pearl. 
Find Mikimoto at Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia.


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