Mikimoto Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Ring

This Mikimoto golden pearl ring is a beautiful statement piece. The large golden pearl is placed front and center in the ring, and there are gorgeous diamonds stretching down the band on either side. The diamonds and white gold band are twisted around in an elegant fashion. This ring has a unique look to it that makes it very attractive, and it is a statement piece that can be worn with any outfit. Its golden south sea cultured pearl is what really sets it apart, as does the white gold and diamonds that are used for the band.

Mikimoto has been around for over a century, creating the world's first cultured pearl. Today, the brand a leader in jewelry. It is the largest producer of pearl jewelry, and Mikomoto's original goal was to get all woman to wear pearls. This brand creates many gorgeous pieces of jewelry, from necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings, to strands of pearls and bracelets. All of the pieces have gorgeous pearls in them, and each one of them is crafted carefully. The white gold that they often use, as well as the diamonds that they add in occasionally, really work to make the jewelry look all the more classy and beautiful. Every piece is quality and made to last a long time with the great pearls and other materials used.


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