Mikimoto Splash Earrings

An excellent jewelry selection of Akoya cultured pearls, diamonds and 18k gold, Mikimoto Splash Earrings is one of the most approved earring sets on the market today! These beautiful nature inspired earrings includes a design that represents splashes of water, a very distinct look of class for the prestigious woman during a night out in town, a prom or even a wedding. The quality of Mikimoto jewelry has always provided the wearer with designs and durability that endures for a lifetime.

Finding the right pearls, diamonds, and gold cuts of brilliant combination can be a difficult thing to do. The Mikimoto brand has always provided quality pearl jewelry with the pursuit of perfection. Originated from the Black South Sea farm, the brand wouldn't stop providing breath taking jewelry designs and till this day the blueprint that has allowed the business to continue with its high powered success has been passed down from generation to generation and applied to this day in time, works effectively and continues to thrive even in the very fashion savvy world of Hollywood.

Mikimoto's professional designers have the most precise and creative vision to ensure a balance between pearls, diamonds, and gold that women love and adore and can be easily worn with their most treasured clothing pieces.

Women love pearls, diamonds, and gold and to feel happy. Mikimoto brand understands this philosophy and provides accordingly. Go out on your next date with compliments from Mikimoto Splash Earrings.


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