Make a Bland Corner of your House Come to Life

Grainger-McCoy features a line of intricate sculptures featuring birds in motion. The attention to details is impressive, as if the wood sculptures have life of its own. Clearly, these pieces of art are reserved for someone with a taste for high art. Each piece is the result of the artist’s passion; nothing is hurried. Each piece is also uniquely crafted by hand. Displaying them in your living room adds to the allure of your interior design. You can also showcase them in your study room or bedroom. Some of the most impressive artworks include: the Pintails; the Least Bittern; and Hawks and Snake. If a section of your house seems empty or bland, place a Grainger-McCoy sculpture in it and watch this part of your house come to life.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Grainger-McCoy.


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