John Hardy's Heritage

John Hardy is known to be a luxury jewelry company that perfectly combines traditional Balinese aesthetics and craft with modern sensibility. No brand has done it quite well as John Hardy. Many may try to emulate but can never outdo. This perfect blend of the East and the West can easily be seen in John Hardy's Heritage Collection. This line exhibits the mastery of all the craftsmen and designers that thought of and executed these works of art. Notable pieces in this collection are the Kali Overlap Cuff, Kali Twist Ring, the Dot Flexible Cuff,the Classic Chain Oval Kick Cuff and the Classic Chain Medium Cuff, among many beauties. These pieces so far, in my honest opinion, show in shorthand the heritage and elegance of the John Hardy philosophy. 
See more of the Heritage Collection and visit Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia. 


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