John Hardy Legends Cobra Drop Necklace

The Legends Cobra Drop Necklace from John Hardy was created for anyone who loves a unique and dramatic piece of jewelry. This necklace works well as a statement piece for a special occasion outfit and doesn't need any other jewelry as it can easily stand on its own. It is designed to look like the head of a cobra but the design is still subtle enough to be worn with many different outfits without distraction. This necklace could easily coordinate with the Cobra Drop Earrings for a lovely look on a special evening.

The John Hardy brand creates a variety of jewelry pieces that are designed to enhance an outfit with glamour and sophistication. These pieces are sought after by anyone who likes something a little different. The John Hardy collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more.

The chain on the Legends Cobra Drop Necklace by John Hardy is made of sterling silver and it measures 1mm wide. It has a lobster clasp that is easy to open and close, but also secure. The cobra is made of Lava Black Sapphire, which looks elegant and classy, while also being unique. The cobra also has white opal accents that stand out from the black for a look of pure glamour. The pendant measures 64mm by 9mm, large enough to be noticeable without being too large to be worn comfortably. This necklace would be the ideal piece for those who collect jewelry items that truly stand out.


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