Hearts on Fire Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring

Hearts on Fire is the worlds first branded diamond company. Founded in 1996, Hearts on Fire guarantees a perfectly cut diamond every single time. Hearts on Fire started when founder Glenn Rothman discovered a diamond in Belgium, and he saw a hearts and fire shape in its cut. With this idea in his mind, he returned to the US where he and his wife Susan Rothman started their company, thus Hearts on Fire was born - and so too was the perfect diamond.

At Hearts on Fire, every diamond is handcrafted to perfection by the most skilled and precise individuals. Their special diamond cutting formula is unique, and they keep it like a safe-guarded secret. Their master craftsmen cut and polish the Hearts on Fire diamonds at 100x magnification. This level of magnification isn't used elsewhere in the diamond business, and it's what gives Hearts on Fire diamonds their unique sparkling perfection every time.

The Hearts on Fire Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring is a beautifully elegant engagement ring which is truly unlike any other in the world. It's simple and elegant design will compliment your beloved's finger perfectly, and will show them exactly how much you adore them. Made of 18k gold, and with a total carat weight of .33 (including the central diamond), this ring is simple and classic. The Hearts on Fire Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring is available in a variety of sizes, so there will be one to fit your partner's finger perfectly.


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