Hearts on Fire Illa Collection

The Illa Collection is part of Hearts on Fire's Aerial collection, which features jewelry inspired by the magic that exists above us - butterflies, sunshine, snowflakes, and more. With the Illa Collection, the enchanting shapes and luminescence of stars are utilized to create unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. The collection includes varying metals, from gold to silver to rose gold, as well as a wide array of choices between necklaces, chokers, delicate bracelets, bold wristbands, rings, studs, drop earrings, and more.

Italian designer, Ilaria Lanzoni, was influenced by her childhood in quaint northern Italy where she admired the twinkling stars in her night sky. She wanted to bring the charm and enchantment to the Illa Collection with stars, hoping to inspire childlike wonder in the women who adorn themselves with the jewelry. In fact, the name of the collection, Illa, is actually the designer's nickname when she was a dreamy, little girl.

The diversity of what designer, Lanzoni, has given the fashion community is spectacular. There is a piece for every woman within the Hearts on Fire collection, whether she's looking for a dainty necklace to subtly trace the collar bone, or a statement piece, such as the Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace which features 18K white gold plated with hundreds of gorgeous diamonds and a whimsical star-shaped clasp.

The Illa Collection has an accessory that will compliment any occasion, whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, or even a day at the office. Some pieces are so light-weight and elegantly understated that women may find their next ever-day-wear ring or bracelet.

Designer and Director of Hearts on Fire, Lanzoni, believes the symbol of stars are universal for wishing, dreaming, and having hope, which is why a number of the jewelry items showcase shooting stars. The diamonds used for Hearts on Fire are expertly cut and shine unlike any other, it was only suitable for them to be placed within the classic shape of a star. 


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