Grainger McKoy Feather Necklace

This Feather Necklace from Grainger McKoy is a beautiful piece that has a unique design featuring feather accents. This necklace is available in three finishes: sterling silver, 18K gold or 14K gold. The feathers are designed to wrap around an omega which comes in silver, 18K gold or 14K gold. The feather is intricately detailed and is reminiscent of the tail feather of a gamecock. The piece has a design that can go with a casual outfit but could also be dressed up for an event or special occasion.

Grainger McKoy is an artist who has made some select jewelry pieces that are reminiscent of items found in nature. He began as a sculptor of wood and has since moved on to create pieces of artwork featuring birds native to South Carolina, his home, as well as non-native species. His jewelry designs reflect his love of birds and nature. His line of jewelry includes pieces for men and women, as well as fine silver for the home.

The Feather Necklace is a unique piece that looks beautiful on its own. The feathers are intricate in design and have the look of nature in accents of gold and silver. Each piece is exquisitely designed and made with materials of the highest quality. Anyone who appreciates jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature would love to add this necklace to their collection. 


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