Diamond thief

Luxury diamonds like Hearts On Fire are always a target for thieves. Just recently, a diamond heist ring was uncovered by police in Portland after an accomplice was caught and started detailing his group’s activities. The thief, Victor Lupis, was charged with stealing a pair of diamonds worth $150,000 in the state. What state authorities taught a local case turned out to be a jetsetting, cross-country robbery syndicate that has been victimizing jewelry shops since 2009. Lupis revealed their “grab and dash” tactic--pretending to be customers and asking to inspect the diamonds up close--before grabbing them and running away. At some point, Lupis and his group used stun gun and even practiced hitting each other to “get the feel.” Police are now looking at similar crimes in Florida, California, and Las Vegas, NV, and starting to tie the seemingly isolated events to the group.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.


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