Classic Mikimoto

Mikimoto has been fashioning the classic pearl into timeless pieces of jewelry with their creative designs since the 1890s. The depth of their company's history is the truest sentiment to the quality of their work and their passion for producing the best pearl jewelry. Guided by the established principles of the founding father of the cultured pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto, Mikimoto the company does it time and again with their products.

The Classic White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings are just what one would expect from Mikimoto. The piece is as elegant as it gets with its classical style and setting. Harvested from Japan's White South Sea, the pearl itself is a 13mm perfected roundness, dazzling in its pure white. Even with such color, the pearl transforms into a masterpiece of subtle colors just when the light hits it from the right angle. It dangles from a set of diamonds, 3.83 carats of brilliance to be exact. The diamonds are arranged in a floral pattern, with each petal distinct from the other, all connected to each other through the round central piece. The entire design is set in the highest quality platinum, strong and equally stunning.

These earrings are statement pieces on their own, but they will also work well when combined with Mikimoto's other jewelry pieces. They are subtle enough to be combined with a simple necklace or even a pearl bracelet. The Classic White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings are just the perfect accessories for the perfect occasion.


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