Charles Krypell Ivy Two Tone Locket

Since 1976, Charles Krypell has been redefining classic jewelry for the modern collector. Charles Krypell is a designer that uses color and texture in a way that creates unique pieces that will stand out at any event. Relying on time-honored designs, Krypell gives them a new twist by adding unexpected colors and sparkle.

The Charles Krypell Ivy Two Tone Locket is a perfect example of his ability to combine classics in a way that gives them an updated flare. This locket features sterling silver and 18 K yellow gold in a pendant that opens so that you can keep your most valued treasures close to your heart. The rectangular cushion shaped locket features a sterling silver scrollwork ivy design, set off by a yellow gold border. The locket has a Renaissance feel that is versatile enough to enhance any piece in your wardrobe.

This piece is the perfect finale to other pieces in this extra special collection. Matching two-tone ear rings, a ring, and bracelet create a well-curated look of sophistication. The style and contrast of this collection will make it easily recognizable as a Charles.Krypell. This piece is a part of the Ivy Love collection, and a great way to say I love you in a way that will be treasured for the rest of your lives together. This piece is an heirloom that will be passed from generation to generation.


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