Charles Krypell Gold Collection

Want something that makes you feel like a princess from your favorite medieval romance? The Charles Krypell Gold collection is exactly what you need. He designs the pieces with beautiful swirls and engravings that seem to speak of age and mystery. There are three prominent colors in the collection of fine jewelry. Gold, rose gold, and silver will meet the tastes of a broad variety of customers. What sets his jewelry apart from the competition is the finely detailed metal curves. The innate femininity of the rings makes them quite suitable for fashionable women of nobility and prestige.

Let's just be honest. We like curves. Products provided by others is just too flat, plain, and solid. An airy and light feel to rings makes all the difference in communicating to that suitor that you are a tougher catch than the local shop girl.

Stop by Sylvan’s Jewelers today to see the prestigious Charles Krypell collection in person! It’s a stunning sight to behold.


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