Charles Krypell Firefly Tri Tone Ring

When you're looking for something pretty yet with a little flash to it, check out the Firefly Tri Tone Triple Band Ring from Charles Krypell. This ring is high quality and has some of the finest jewels available.

This ring has is made with three different colored metals and is something to be admired. The ring is constructed by sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. In addition to being made of these different color gold and silver the ring has little diamond accents. The ring has .17 cts of white diamonds to give it a certain look and shine.

There are some select bracelets available to match these rings. They have the same gold composition and similar stone accents.

This is a great piece to wear. It is bold yet not overly flashy. The triple band will allow it to cover some more of the finger but not the entire thing. This ring will look great on both large and small hands. It will compliment any outfit as well. 

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