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Why the Mikimoto Name is Still Synonymous With High Quality Pearls

You’ve mostly likely overheard the name Mikimoto at a friend's party or in a fine jewelry store or even on a PBS documentary, and often exclaimed as “these are my Mikimotos,” but what makes the brand synonymous with the world’s finest cultured pearls?

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Mikimoto Splash Earrings

These beautiful nature inspired earrings includes a design that represents splashes of water, a very distinct look of class for the prestigious woman during a night out in town, a prom or even a wedding.

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Mikimoto Bamboo Pendant

The Akoya Bamboo Pendant is a very beautiful piece of jewelry. It is made up of 4.5-8.5 millimeters of Akoya Cultured Pearl. The pendant has 0.75ct of diamonds, and its made of 18K Yellow Gold. This necklace would fit best with an outfit for a dinner party or charity auctions.

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