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5 Things You Can Do Now to Care for Your Wedding Rings

They are made to last a lifetime.  With proper care, your wedding ring can last generations and become an heirloom handed down to your children’s children.

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How to Layer Your Jewelry

With Fall and Winter on the horizon, our wardrobe changes to seasonal pieces and layers to not only keep warm but express our personal style. Layering is no longer just for your clothes. With unique jewelry pieces as much a part of our expression as that chunky sweater paired with your favorite vintage jacket, the options for layering jewelry are endless.

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On Trend: Citrine

It’s sort of like an amethyst, but its color is unlike anything you’ve seen.  The quartz gem known as “Citrine.”  Citrine, a name derived from the French word “citron,” or “lemon,” has a color that has captivated people for ages.  

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