Care Tips from Raymond Weil

The Raymond Weil timepieces are a fusion of precision engineering and sleek design. It’s built on the strength of titanium, steel, and carbon fiber. But the environment can be harsh to even the strongest material. To keep your Raymond Weil in excellent condition, follow these simple tips. Clean the watch with soft dry cotton. Don’t use abrasive cloth or wipers to avoid scratches. Keep it away from petroleum products, spirits, and perfumes that may damage the seal, strap, or bracelet. Wear your perfume first before putting on the watch. Make sure the crown—the dial that sets the date and time—is always pushed in and securely locked to avoid water or liquid seeping in. Take the watch off when doing manual work to prevent accidental breaks. If the strap is leather, do not immerse it in water. Wipe it dry asap when it gets wet. And always keep your Raymond Weil in a cool, dry place when storing it.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.


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