Beyond bodily adornment

Did you know that the elegant pearls that we typically see as jewelries and other decorative items? These shell-like gems, made-up of calcium carbonate in small crystalline formations, have been used for many purposes since time immemorial. The clam's adductor muscle had been a favorite gastronomic delicacy for hundreds of countries. Its oyster shell is a choice material for houses, furnitures and other decorative things. And probably unknown to many people right now, the pearl oyster shell had been used as a traditional medicine due to its proven health benefits. Above all, pearls are widely used for its mother of pearl (or nacre) which is a valuable material for a myriad of decorative functions in jewelry, architecture, musical instruments, and fashion. And when it comes to pearls as jewelries, only one name comes into mind, Mikimoto, the acknowledged leader in the industry.
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.


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