Beauty Begets Beauty

John Hardy is a designer jewelry manufacturer like no other. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, John Hardy is home to local artisans and designers who are all trained in the European methods of jewelry making. They are also experts in the Balinese tradition of crafting awe-inspiring oriental ornaments. The unique mix of Asian and European influences creates John Hardy’s interesting, modern chic yet easy-going themes in its collections, most of which are famous across the globe. The company’s compound itself is as appealing as the pieces of gems that are being fashioned there. John Hardy’s local style low-impact buildings and resort-like architecture and landscaping, make a beautiful backdrop to the creative process that happens daily in its workshops. As a matter of fact, head designer Guy Bedarida and his team find most of their designs in the beautiful display of nature that surround them in the compound. Indeed beauty begets beauty, and one thriving proof of that is John Hardy.

Check out the brand’s collections at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.



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