Bangle it Right

John Hardy offers a range of beautifully crafted bangles of sterling silver, 18K gold, and 18K rose gold. You can’t go wrong with John Hardy’s sleek and slender designs whether the bangle is as thick as the Bedeg Collection or thin as the Bamboo line. Here are some tips to maximize the value of these bangles. Stack the bangles in one arm and wear a heavy ring on the other to balance the look. Wear one main bangle as the center point and stack the secondary bangles around this main bangle. The main bangle can stand up based on color, material, or size. It doesn’t always have to be the thickest. Stack four to six bangles at most. You can mix them by shades of one color or colors that complement each other like turquoise blue and sapphire yellow. Also add some neutral colors like silver and white to create more balance. Create more variety by mixing different materials. Be bold in combining leather with sterling silver and beads. Remember, it’s your style and experiment with something that reflects your personality. 
Sylvan's on Main Street, Columbia is an authorized dealer for John Hardy.


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