Ball Watch: Born Tough

The unwavering core mission of Ball Watch since 1891 is also the brand’s time-tested claim to fame – “Accuracy under adverse conditions.” It was more than a hundred years ago when American jeweler and watchmaker Webster Ball, the brand’s founding figure, established a solid reputation for Ball Watch as the official railway standard watch in the United States. Ball Watch has gone to many more places since then, but its aspiration remains unchanged. The Swiss-made, American-inspired watch manufacturer single-mindedly produces modern and sophisticated mechanical watches with to-the-dot accuracy, uncompromised reliability, above-par functionality and tough ruggedness that surmounts the most adverse conditions in the planet – or out of it. Every watch is mounted with in-house calibre movements, 7,500 G force shock resistance, -40 degree Celsius temperature tolerance, patented crown protection system and the patented Ball-engineered micro gas light technology that light up brightly for at least 25 years with no external sources of power. Live, work, play and find adventure in the most adverse conditions with the toughest name ever.

Ball watch is available at Sylvan’s on Main Street, Columbia.



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