Twelve Things to do Before You Propose

Don’t. Freak. Out. 

You’ve made it to this point, and no matter how you got here, from high-school sweethearts to a lucky right-swipe, you’re ready to ask the big question.

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Eight Tips for the Perfect Ring-Selfie

You’ve just gotten engaged and now it’s time to show off the bling! Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a good word for the ring-selfie.

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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Each year you wrestle with the same question: What do you get Mom? It would take a year list all the things she’s done for you, and that’s not even counting the things you were never aware of! 

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Why Are Pink Diamonds So Rare?

Diamonds are rare. That’s one of the many things that makes them special. But the rarest of all diamonds is the pink diamond. Find one of those, and you’ve got something truly special.

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