Technology Meets Luxury: The MICHELE Hybrid Smartwatch

Activity trackers and wearable devices will account for nearly $25 billion dollars in global sales during 2018. While the data gleaned from wearing an activity tracker can be valuable to understanding overall health and fitness levels, the appearance leaves something to be desired.

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Why You Might Want to Choose an Engagement Ring Together

The easy answer is: it depends. But that’s not going to help you decide, and this decision is a big one. First, it might be helpful to know that as many as 65% of couples shop together for engagement rings, so it isn’t unusual at all. For many men, however, the tradition of choosing a ring and surprising his girlfriend is hard to resist.

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Why the Rose Gold Trend is Here to Stay

It lives someplace between shiny and muted. You might not call it opulent, but it’s far from subtle. Rose gold has a way of catching your eye, without jumping out and poking it. You’re seeing it on Paris runways, and in the canned food aisle at the store. Anything that can do all that deserves some further investigation.

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The Top Six Essentials of Everyday Jewelry

A locket, a charm bracelet, a signet ring – it used to be that a woman’s jewelry box was considered incomplete without these classic pieces. And while there’s nothing wrong with staples from the past, today’s jewelry essentials are different from what was in style in your grandmother’s day.

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