Bringing the Beach to You with Our Favorite Pearl Styles

The phrase to know is “understated elegance.” It’s for those times when you’re not dressed up, but you still want to bring some flare. 

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Grainger-McKoy: Accessories For Men

Sometimes a passion creeps in early on, and once it’s in…it’s there for life. When he was just a teenager, Grainger McKoy carved birds and decoys growing up in South Carolina.

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How to Get Engagement Ring Insurance

Too many people have said the fateful words “it won’t happen to me,” just before they lose one of their most precious possessions.

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Why Old Fashioned Craftsmanship Continues to Thrive

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. We have all heard this quote widely attributed to Roman politician Mark Antony. In the world of jewelry, doing what you love often means taking the time to do it painstakingly well.

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