Do I Need a Watch Winder?

Purchasing an automatic watch opens a new world of responsibilities, but should a watch winder be part of those responsibilities? Absolutely.

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Ten Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know about Your Diamond

You know it’s special. She knows it’s special. Everyone who sees it knows…a diamond isn’t just an ordinary gem. Diamonds are for the big time. When you’re really serious, and you’re really making a statement…you do it with a diamond.  

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Discover the Evolution of Raymond Weil’s Freelancer

Founded in the middle of a global watch industry crisis during 1976, RAYMOND WEIL’s small company which bears his name has become his living vision of what a Swiss watchmaker should be.

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The History Behind Engagement and Wedding Rings

The tradition of exchanging engagement rings goes back thousands of years and its origins range from merely practical to wonderfully romantic.

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