Estate Event Preview

The new iPhone is out. The new 2020 cars are already on the lot. And there’s a new diet on that new website they talked about on that new podcast. But is newer always better?

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Discover Lagos Jewelry

In 1975, a young teenager named Steven met a Russian jeweler. This chance meeting would make an unexpected impact on this 17-year-old. The jeweler became his mentor, teaching him the classic techniques and to respect the craft of jewelry making.

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How to Transition Your Favorite Summer Jewelry to Fall

Just like getting out sweaters and jackets, it’s time to transition to fall jewelry. Whether you have cocktail rings, diamond jewelry, or more casual options, you can combine light summertime jewelry with heavier autumn counterparts.

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The Meaning Behind Autumn Birthstones

Every piece of jewelry is unique and special, but there are certain things which make our jewelry more meaningful. Whether it is a unique inscription, a specially designed assortment of stones, or the presence of your birthstone, it is the little touches that make our pieces sentimental, and there are few things more personal than our birthstones.

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