Complications 101 – Moon Phase

The first measurements of time had nothing to do with wristwatches or hours and minutes. Time was measured in cycles, with the two most prominent cycles coming from the sun and moon.

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Personalized Gifts That Stand out from the Crowd

From birthdays to holidays to the everyday, there are always reasons to celebrate the love and respect you have for those you care about most. Yet how often have you struggled to find the right gift that’s truly meaningful? Maybe you’re always looking for new ways to delight that special someone, or to even find something unique for yourself. 

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Series: Complications 101 - The Chronograph

The complication: Any function of a timepiece in addition to telling time. These watch complications enable special functions that are performed and displayed, such as moon phase, calendar, time zone, and many more.

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Our Favorite Famous Jewels from the Big Screen

Titanic isn’t really about an ocean liner disaster and Breakfast at Tiffany’s has nothing to do with pancakes. Those are two great films that are written around an amazing piece of famous jewelry. Throughout the decades in Hollywood, jewelry has had starring roles in movies.

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